Fascination About lingerie

BALL Pounds: A significant excess weight, often product of lead, made to be hung from a wire, chain, or other device wrapped within the testicles being a method of cock and ball torture. BANDAGE SCISSORS: Specialised scissors, usually utilized by unexpected emergency clinical staff, consisting of a pair of scissors with one particular sharp blade and one particular blunt blade that has a rounded stop.

furnishings + Greek philos love): a selected kind of bondage coupled with utility D/s by which a person is sure and immobilized, after which you can applied as home furniture, such as a desk or footrest.

MOUTH Little bit: Any of the sort of gags by using a lengthy, cylinder-formed bit, normally fabricated from soft rubber or latex, instead of a round ball. Mouth bits may well consist of an integrated harness; these bits are frequently Employed in pony Perform.

Some passive Males love the feeling of staying "owned", though dominant folks take pleasure in the sense of "owning" their companions. Demanding this kind of gentleman have on testicle cuffs symbolizes that his sexual organs belong to his husband or wife, who can be either male or feminine.

AUTOMASOCHISM: Sexual arousal from inflicting agony on a single's self, both by yourself or during partnered intercourse.

HUCOW: Anyone into lactation and milking being an erotic fetish; especially, milking by way of pumps or other machines. Etymology: "hucow" is often a portmanteau of "human cow."

BUTTERFLY GAG: A specific type of inflatable gag consisting of the central rectangular put while in the mouth with two wings that inflate with air, filling the mouth and avoiding effortless removing.

A testicle cuff is a hoop-formed device throughout the scrotum amongst the human body as well as testicles which when closed doesn't allow the testicles to slide by way of it. A standard style has two related cuffs, one across the scrotum and the opposite round the foundation of your penis.

RACK: (Non-Acronym) Any type of bondage furnishings consisting of the framework or platform to which someone can be bound; typically derived from the Medieval implement consisting of a System as well as a wheeled system meant to stretch or pull the person sure to it.

NAILING: The follow of employing nails driven by areas of the human body including the labia, scrotum, or other Section of your body as being a form of bondage.

BALL GAG: A gag consisting of the ball, commonly product of rubber, and that is hooked up into a strap. The ball is positioned inside the mouth as well as the strap is placed around the head to carry it securely in position.

GOREAN D/S: Male domination and woman submission Based on a formal technique tailored from the fictitious society explained in the Gor novels, and characterized by powerful hierarchy, male superiority, and an elaborate method of protocols.

SPREADER BAR: An implement consisting of the rigid bar or rod, generally with attachment factors for restraints created into it at Just about every close, intended to be hooked up to someone's ft or ankles so as to keep the individual's legs distribute aside. Could possibly be adjustable in size.

A sadist won't necessarily just take satisfaction in inflicting agony indiscriminately; for the majority of sadists, the enjoyment relies on realizing that the topic is usually making the have a peek at this website most of the working experience.

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